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Howard Fiebig

Specialized Equipment Hauling Manager
(800) 359-0799 ext. 120

Cell: (989) 553-6273

Countryside Transportation Service takes great pride of being a leader in the step-deck, flatbed, and RGN trucking industry. With over 40 years of providing these services to the private, commercial, and governmental sectors, we feel we are unsurpassed in our trucking services to deliver on time, all while insuring the integrity of your load.

Our extensive modern trucking fleet is company owned and professionally maintained in-house to the highest quality standards.

Our professional experienced driver team, and fleet, covers the US and Canada. Not only do we excel in transporting normal sized loads, we also specialize in over-height, over-weight, and over-width loads.  We are electronic log compliant, bonded, and insured.

Give our dedicated logistics team a call or drop them an email to learn more on how we can give you shipping solutions for your individual needs.

On-time, Integrity, Value, and Attention is the Countryside experience we pride ourselves on.

Ralph Sanford

Logistics Specialist
(833) 905-5500

Cell: (810) 404-4132

Some of our recent specialized loads

Craig Vollmar

Flat/RGN Dispatcher
(800) 359-0799 ext. 115

Cell: (989) 553-6264

We use state-of-the-art load tracking software. We know where our trucks and  your loads are at all times.

Mon - Friday: 8am - 5pm 
Sat - Sunday: Closed

Emergency Contact: (989) 239-6982 or (989) 553-6245